24th Ave SW Corridor

The project team has worked to balance current right-of-way usage with technical needs and permitting constraints in the development of this design. The project designs reflect the new natural drainage systems as well as:

  • Pedestrian improvements

  • The installation of a new curb and gutter system to help convey drainage to the NDS and enhance the street infrastructure. Note, this work will also involve the installation of a curb cut and driveway apron to connect to existing driveways.

  • Need for removal of items that are encroaching into the right-of-way where improvements will be made

  • Plans for new street trees, which provide multiple community benefits.

Planned NDS and Sidewalk Improvements (Latest Design)

24th Ave SW - Thistle to Cloverdale (pending funding approval)


24th Ave SW - Cloverdale to Trenton


24th Ave SW - Trenton to Henderson


24th Ave SW - Henderson to Barton


Typical Existing Street Condition

*Street conditions vary along 24th Ave SW

Typical Proposed Street Conditions

New sidewalk with Natural Drainage System
between SW Cloverdale St and SW Barton Pl

Natural Drainage System opposite new sidewalk
between SW Cloverdale St and SW Barton Pl

New sidewalk between SW Thistle St and SW Cloverdale St*


*Note: SW Thistle St / SW Cloverdale St sidewalk is subject to funding availability. See above plan for detailed layouts.

New sidewalk with planting strip
between SW Cloverdale St and SW Barton Pl

What's in store for the 24th Ave SW corridor?

Sidewalk view looking South between SW Cloverdale St and SW Trenton St

Street view looking North between SW Barton St and SW Henderson St

For accessibility needs, please contact the Project Manager at Jonathan.Brown@seattle.gov to arrange to have this visually presented information described to you.